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Diversity in Arbitration Presentation - Issues Faced by Minority Arbitrators


Below you will find Part I of the video presentation dealing with Issues faced by (minority and female) arbitrators. The Minority Arbitration Issues presentation consists of parts I, II, and III.

Part I the presentation addresses the topics of: "1 - Control of the Hearing Process;" "2 - The Role of the Arbitrator;" and "3 - Dealing with Bias and Conflicts of Interest."

Part II of the video presentation  dealing with Issues faced by (minority and female) arbitrators addresses the topics of: "4 - When the Arbitrator Gets Sued;" and "5 - Business and Operations Issues for Arbitrators."

Part III of the video presentation dealing with Issues faced by (minority and female) arbitrators addresses the topics of: "6 - Disclosure Issues;" and "7 - Race and Ethnicity Considerations in Arbitration."


Part I -



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