One of the most valuable commodities an organization can have is information.  Depending upon the mission of the organization or business, that information can focus on market information, attitudes of employees, customers, or members, or trend detection and analysis.  Yet many organizations are not well equipped to collect that information which is so potentially valuable to the organization.

Spence and Associates can assist you with the development of questionaires and other data acquisition tools.  We can also assist you with the collection of that data through automated means, and the analysis of that data using basic PC based technology.   Ask us about creating an online presence for your company, or about developing and deploying online surveys and questionnaires to gather valuable data for your company or organization.

Our services also include geographic data analysis using sophistocated mapping tools such as Mapinfo (sm).  Think of the value your organization could realize from the visual depiction of customers, members, prospects, etc. on a local street map based upon their actual locations!  The visual depiction of database information -- along with other more traditional methods of data analysis -- can have exciting potential for giving your organization a great "marketing" advantage in pursuing your organizations missions and goals.  Why not take a few moments to discuss this new technology with our consultants?

Mass communications with members, employees, customers, and prospects

One of the most onerous tasks for the small business or organization is the regular communications which are necessary with members, employees, customers, and prospects.  Such mass mailings or other types of information sharing is a perfect candidate to be "farmed out" to a service bureau operation such as Spence and Associates.

Why not take time to discuss with us our communications services which include correspondence and brochure development, newsletter publications, and other high technology methods of communications such as electronic bulletin board services, internet communications, and voice mail applications?

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