One of the most cost effective uses of the resources of an organization is to provide training and development opportunities for its employees, members, customers, and others.  The many significant changes in technology, marketing, and legal requirements for organizations alone indicate a significant need for information and process sharing through the training process.  

Spence and Associates can assist your organization with your training needs.  We can provide complete service to assist with the education and training of your personnel. Several of our consultants have experience in the training of groups in a number of crucial areas which could benefit your organization.  Signifcant savings can be realized by allowing us to design a seminar or workshop to meet your specific needs at your location.  We can develop the training materials and focus it on your specific interests and needs.  Our consultants have experience training staff in basic computer technology  and application software areas as well as in areas dealing with human relations and legal requirements of labor relations issues such as discrimination and sexual harrassment.

If you have a specific training need, we would be happy to discuss that need with you to determine if we can help you address that need in a cost effective way. Contact us today.

UOP Training Resource Materials

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